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Metal architecture

Solutions, innovation and design in architectural metal panels.

Astyl is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of architectural metal panels with more than thirty years of experience in the fabrication of metal components. Our mission is to innovate in the construction industry by offering a high level of customization, quality of product and customer service.

Given the dynamism of the construction industry, perforated metal stand out as a highly competitive solution. Metal panels are versatile in multiple architectural applications, offer durability, promote energy efficiency, conserve the environment and provide an infinite range of design possibilities.

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Our solution with metal panels


Architectural design.

The design possibilities are virtually unlimited due to the high versatility of perforated metal, available in different materials such as steel or aluminum. Through the configuration of different variables such as perforations and finishing, in Astyl we adapt the conceptual design of your project and we authentically capture it in perforated metal.



We have different manufacturing facilities in Monterrey, Mexico with the latest technology for the fabrication of metal panels. Highly qualified personnel and an integral flow of processes guarantee a distinctive solution in quality and versatility for the most demanding projects with metal panels.



We offer our metal panel systems, working together with the client from the design and specification of the system to the successful management and installation of the final solution.